Prepare yourself for stillness and peace

Evening Yin yoga – prepare your body and mind for stillness and peace

Yin yoga is a calm and meditative yoga form based on the Chinese meridian teaching. Every pose is maintained for 3 to 7 minutes. Long deep stretches stimulate the body's connective tissue, joints, organs and muscles, and your presence is trained through mindfulness exercises. 

This yoga-class can with advantage be combined with the Zumba-class right before as a warm up 😊

Dans dig glad med zumba

About the teacher:  My name is Alessandra. I am a Zumba and yoga instructor mainly Hatha and Yin yoga styles and a LesMills instructor of bodyflow. Yoga is a way to get back into my body and ground myself into the earth. During my classes I often incorporate mindfulness practices through which we can listen to the subtle voices of our body.


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Class number: 20118 – greendot.gif Ledige pladser

Start date: Mandag 27. januar kl. 19.30-21.00

Dates: 11 Mondays (last time 6. april)

Place: Hejrevej 26, 3rd floor, 2400 Kbh. NV

Price: 900 kr. for 22 lessons

Pensioner / unemployed / student (CPH): 775 kr.