Bollywood Dance

Do you want to learn Bollywood Dance in a fun and humorous way?

Bollywood dance is full of life, energy, and vibrancy. Anybody can dance on Bollywood moves. The songs are peppy and entertaining. Also, you will learn various naughty facial expressions and emotions which are a trademark in Bollywood dance. 

A great way to energies yourself and elevate your mood!

About the teacher: 

My name is Kriti Prajapati and I am a Bollywood dance teacher. I am an engineer by accident but an artist by design. I am also a stand-up comedian and storyteller. I recently completed two years of diploma course in Mime and Art of Physical Comedy from the Commedia School, Copenhagen. I blend physical comedy in my teaching to make it a fun learning experience for my students.



Kriti Prajapati was teaching everyone to dance Bollywood style at my daughter’s wedding reception. Her genuine joy and clever explanations had everyone dancing and laughing even those who would normally be shy to step on the dance floor. A performance of sheer joy and laughter! Ole Brekke, Director, the Commedia School



Holdnummer: 20126 – greendot.gif Ledige pladser

Første mødegang: Mandag den 16. marts 2020 kl. 17.15-18.15

Mødegange: 11 mandage (sidste gang 25. maj)

Mødested: Hejrevej 26, 3. sal, 2400 Kbh. NV

Pris: 650 kr. for 15 lektioner

Ledig/studerende (Kbh.): 550 kr.