Få en god start på dagen med Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga – Wednesday 7.00 to 8.00

Hatha yoga practice was designed to clean and purify the body in order to establish optimal health and create balance. It is a good way to start the day feeling energized and in harmony with ourselves and the world. It is not necessary to be flexible or to strive to achieve complicated Asanas (physical yoga postures) in order to gain the benefits of yoga. Practicing safe and simple Asanas overtime can help to increase strength, endurance, balance and overall flexibility in the body.

About the teacher:  My name is Alessandra. I am a Zumba and yoga instructor mainly Hatha and Yin yoga styles and a LesMills instructor of bodyflow. Yoga is a way to get back into my body and ground myself into the earth. During my classes I often incorporate mindfulness practices through which we can listen to the subtle voices of our body.

Mail: alerossini@hotmail.com


Holdnummer: 19222 – greendot.gif Ledige pladser

Første mødegang: Onsdag 9. oktober kl. 7.00-8.00

Mødegange: 10 onsdage

Mødested: Hejrevej 26, 2400 Kbh. NV

Pris: 500 kr. for 14 lektioner

Pensionist/ledig/studerende (Kbh.): 400 kr.